Info for Exhibitors

If you have been a previous exhibitor at the North Metro Home and Garden Show, you know that it is a productive and cost-effective way to meet serious potential customers while gaining exposure for your products or services. If you are not already familiar with our annual show, we invite you to participate in 2018. We experience anywhere from 600 up to 1200 attendees in a six hour period. While our numbers aren’t always high, exhibitors report that those who do attend are coming to seriously shop for their home improvement needs.

Exhibitors: If you have any questions or would like to be added to the mailing list to receive information about the 2017 North Metro Home and Garden Show, please email or call Marsha Wagner at 612-338-2122. Click below for Registration information and other helpful Exhibitor info!

Registration Policies

Information for Exhibitors contains detailed information as well as terms and conditions for exhibiting at our Show. Please read this before contacting us with your questions.

We are providing several options for participation in the 2018 North Metro Home and Garden Show:

If you have any questions or comments after reviewing the registration information contained on this website and in Information for Exhibitors, please contact Marsha Wagner, Event Coordinator, at 612-338-2122 or

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